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    Some might wonder what is meant by the name Simple Sites Plus, so I want to address that issue first. For us simple sites means that we can help pretty much everyone have a quick and affordable web presence. Rather they want a personal or hobby site, maybe a home based business site or yes even a commercial site.
    Through this website we specialize in sites, with fewer pages and somewhat less content. With that being said, let me emphasize right way should you need a bigger website, one with more flair, flash and CMS then what we do here, by all means let us know.  We have a colleague and great friend who specialize in doing all of that and you will not be disappointed in any way. But the whole reasoning behind simple sites is to be there for those who's needs are simple and does not require a larger more costly web site to make their presence known

   The plus in our name means that we do not stop at just giving you a simple web site, our services still expand way above that should you need more. The plus is all the extras that you can obtain with us; thinking of needing a domain name, your own hosting space, or e-mail accounts,  we have you covered.

   Have a look around the site, we are trying all the time to upgrade and bring you more information to help serve your needs better. The drop down list of “extras” will give you information on various topics to further assist you in making decisions on which way to go when selecting domain names, hosting, and other items as well

Larry Dean Roop