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Old Town Road takes top spot in YouTube's global songs chart - Music Ally

Posted by Roger Westberry on May 22, 2019
Old Town Road takes top spot in YouTube's global songs chart - Music Ally

Remember when Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ was very much a US thing, with the controversy over whether it qualified for the country-music charts? Now it’s absolutely a global thing: last week, it dislodged K-Pop stars Blackpink from the top of YouTube’s global top-songs chart.

‘Old Town Road’ generated 73.6m views on YouTube in the week of 10-16 May. The fact that its official music video launched on 17 May – and already has 52.2m views – will boost the song’s performance in next week’s YouTube chart.

The original ‘Old Town Road’ has 244.8m streams on Spotify so far, but the remix featuring Billie Ray Cyrus will soon overtake it, having already reached close-to 231m. The remix is currently third on Spotify’s global chart with 4.7m daily streams, with the original in seventh with 2.8m.

Back on YouTube, meanwhile, Lil Nas X’s success has helped him rise to 30th spot on the platform’s weekly artists chart. Indian star Alka Yagnik takes first place with her 180m weekly views: you’ll be reading more about her in a Music Ally report to be published later this week.

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